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jakubiak-red5 modularization

April 22nd, 2009 6 comments

Recently a new programmer Marcello Teodori has joined to jakubiak-red5 project and he has done very good job. He has split jakubiak-red5 project into new modules. He has extracted tomcat, jetty and scripting from the core module. Thanks to that the core module is lighter and it has less irritating dependencies. It was extremely important to remove to Groovy dependencies from core, because it was a lot of jars.

Jakubiak-Red5 it’s a project whose aim is standardization of building Red5 server using maven2. By using jakubiak-red5 it’s easier to build enterprise application which use Red5. This project provides maven pom files. Red5 sources remain intact, they are linked with svn:externals.

In future I would really like to make it possible to run a reduced to minimum version of Red5 using Java Web Start. Thanks to that, it would be possible to record a video from a webcam in a high quality. However, as for now, I still can’t do it.

In its beginnings Jakubiak-Red5 was my experimental project, and that’s why it’s called this way. Soon, the prefix “Jakubiak” will have to be removed, because it’s no longer only my project and new programmers contribute a lot to it. Thanks Marcello!!!

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