Red5 – the installation of administrator’s pane

February 2nd, 2009 12 comments

Briefly speaking, Red5 is a server of the multimedia web applications. It is undoubtedly booming right now; I have just managed to start the administrator’s panel and, since it is a complicated process, I find it reasonable to describe it here in order to remember it well.

The first step is to load the latest version of Red5 0.8RC2 from the website Xuggle . Then I install it according to instructions: I unzip and set the environment variables RED5_HOME. The next thing to do is to start the Installer application : http://localhost:5080/installer/, install the administer application and restart Red5. Thereafter, following the instructions provided on forum, I register at: http://localhost:5080/admin/register.html After registration I move to restarting Red5 again. Now I can finally log in: http://localhost:5080/demos/adminPanel.html

Using the administrator’s panel I can view the list of active applications, find the active online users or check the transfer.

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